Change the Default Sort of My Pipeline


The Customizations settings allow for you to make various configuration changes to your custom fields, custom layouts, your loan pipeline fields, and loan flow assignment rules.


Among these settings, you'll have access to change which field to sort by by default in your pipeline.


You can use your custom fields to set up specific layouts in the lender portal, the realtor portal, and the borrower portal to display additional customized information in the loan flow aside from our standard fields. You will need to add your custom fields onto a layout to have them display.


How to Set Up

From your active loan pipeline, navigate to Settings and select the Customizations tab:






In the Loan Pipeline Customization section, select the option to Access Loan Pipeline Customization:






Select the field you'd like to sort your pipeline by using the dropdown:


Note: The Default sort will sort your pipeline by newest loans to oldest.





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  • I like the sort by milestone idea but it would be more useful to have it reverse sorted, i.e. with loans close to close at the top.

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