Change My Pre-Approval Letter Template


The Realtors, Partners settings allow for you to make various configuration changes to your realtor/partner contacts and your pre-approval letter template.


Among these settings, you'll have access to change your pre-approval letter template.


How to Set Up

From your loan pipeline, navigate to Settings and select the Realtors, Partners tab:





Scroll down to Pre-Approval Letter Template and select Edit Pre-Approval Letter Template:






If you need to make changes to the template itself that you uploaded initially, select Upload Pre-Approval Letter Template to upload an updated version of your template:






Select Browse to locate the template on your computer. Make sure you select Upload once done selecting to fully upload the template:


Note: The template will need to be uploaded in a PDF format.






Once the template has been uploaded, you'll need to prepare the template with the available tags. You can also adjust the tags if you need without uploading a new template. Select Prepare Pre-Approval Letter Template:






Select the page that you'd like to adjust:






The fields we have available to use on your letter are as follows:


Borrower Name(s)


Property Address

Loan Type

Actual Sales Price

Loan To Value

Down Payment

Seller Paid Closing Costs

Personal Note 

Docs Owned

Loan Amount


If you need a field on your template that you don't see above, you can use the Personal Note field to accommodate it.

Drag and drop the yellow tags at the top onto your pre approval letter where you want the data to populate on the letter, or drag and drop the tags to move them around on the page as needed. Keep in mind each tag can only be used once. Make sure you select Save to confirm the changes:


Note: The tags tend to appear on the template higher than placed. You will need to place them onto the document a little lower than where you'd like the information to populate.






Success! Your pre-approval template is ready for use.




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