Switch to the Full View Mode of the Borrower's Application


The loan pipeline is where you will manage all of your borrowers, including reviewing application and document data, making adjustments to the loan flow, and locating any additional information regarding the loan.


Among these options, you will have the option to review your borrower's application in full view mode.


This will allow you to be able switch between the 'borrower view' (which allows you to see exactly what the borrower sees when completing the loan application) and 'full view', which will allow you to see all sections of the Apply Now application, including sections that have been hidden or disabled for the borrower (including the liabilities, if applicable).


How to Use 

In your active loan pipeline, find your borrower and select the red, yellow, or green icons on the left hand side to enter the loan flow:





Locate the loan application listed as Loan Application (1003). It will be in any of the three document tabs: Docs Owed, Docs Pending Review, Docs Accepted:





Select the action icon on the right side Edit loan application to edit the application:





Select the option to Switch to full view or Switch to borrower view at the top of the application as needed:


Note: In 'Full View' you will be able to see all sections of the Apply Now application, including sections that have been hidden/disabled for the borrower (including the liabilities section, if applicable).


In 'Borrower View', you will be able to see the Apply Now Application exactly how the borrower sees it from their portion. This means that any sections that are hidden/disabled for the borrower will also be hidden here.







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