Add or Edit Apply Now Automatic Doc Requests


The Apply Now settings allow for you to make various configuration changes to your loan application and loan application settings.


Among these settings, you'll have access to add or edit apply now automatic doc requests.


Utilizing the platform’s configurable document request business rules, you can design conditional logic to automatically analyze the answers provided on the loan application. Through the use of simple trigger-action statements, the system will determine the proper set of conditions necessary for the borrower.


This functionality eliminates the repetitive process of combing through a prospect’s loan application to determine conditions.


Automatic doc requests will replace the generic Quick Pack. The Quick Pack will not be requested when the business rules are enabled.


How to Set Up

From your team pipeline, navigate to Settings > Apply Now:






Navigate to Apply Now Automatic Doc Requests > Access Auto Doc Requests:








To add a new rule, select New Business Rule:






The new business rule modal will appear. Enter a name and description for your new rule for your own reference:






In the Conditions section, you'll select which conditions will trigger this rule.


Conditions can be used to indicate whether a field should contain or not contain a particular piece of information in order to trigger the rule. You will be able to select from the dropdowns available, or click Add another condition to add additional conditions. Conditions are evaluated using "and" logic – ALL conditions must evaluate to true to trigger this rule:






Conditions can also be created based off of custom questions added to the application settings (see Include Custom Questions in My Application). Please note that 'Short Answer' type custom questions will not be available to select as this requires a definitive value in order to trigger the document requests. Dropdown, Checkboxes, and Yes/No question types will be available to select.



In the Actions section, you'll select which actions and document requests will be triggered by the conditions above.

As with conditions, you can select from the dropdown available, or include multiple actions by clicking Add another action. All actions you have listed will be invoked when this rule fires, so multiple documents can be requested at once, based on a single condition or set of conditions:






Make sure the rule is enabled and select Save to confirm the changes:






Your rule will now be listed in this section and apply to new applications going forward.



To edit an existing rule, select the pencil/paper icon towards the right hand side of the rule name and description. You will be able to adjust the name, description, conditions, or actions here:






To delete an existing rule, select the trash can icon towards the right hand side of the rule name and description:




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