Enable Soft Credit Pulls


The Apply Now settings allow for you to make various configuration changes to your loan application and loan application settings.


Among these settings, you'll have access to enable automatic soft credit pulls. Enabling automatic soft credit pulls allows for the application to make this credit pull automatically when a borrower submits an application via the landing page, or from the Prospects page (start new prospect button). The soft credit pull will run a tri-merge report from all 3 bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian). 



How to Set Up

From the team pipeline, select Settings > Apply Now:






Navigate to Apply Now General Settings > Edit Apply Now General Settings:






Select the option Enable Credit Report Integration. You will see the option to select a soft pull and select the credit reporting agency. Make sure you select Save to confirm the changes:


Note: Credit reporting agencies need to be enabled at the company level in order to appear as an available option here.






Success! Floify will automatically perform a soft credit pull whenever a borrower completes an application via the landing page or prospects page. 

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