Enable Loan Originator Information to Autofill on 1003 Application


The Apply Now settings allow you to make various configuration changes to your loan application and loan application settings.


Among these settings, you'll have access to enable the option to auto-populate the LO profile details into the 1003, including: 

  • Loan Originator Organization Name (Company Settings > Basic Settings)
  • Organization NMLS ID
  • Organization State License ID
  • LO Address (Profile Settings)
  • LO Name
  • LO State License ID
  • Email
  • Phone

This allows Section 9 of the URLA to populate based on LO Profile details at the time the prospect is created. Companies and teams not using an integrated LOS can utilize this to streamline the application process, as this can automatically be added to every loan application.


How to Set Up

Company Dashboard

From the Company Dashboard select Company Settings:






From here, navigate to Apply Now Settings: Apply Now Overrides:





From here, navigate to Apply Now Overrides and select Edit Apply Now Override Settings:







Scroll down to Part 6 of Application: Lender Loan Information and enable Loan Originator Information (as a note, this section will be disabled by default):





Team Dashboard

Once enabled, navigate to your Team Dashboard:






From here, select Settings in the top menu bar:






In Settingsnavigate to the Apply Now tab:






Then scroll down to Apply Now Application Settings:






Enable the Loan Originator Information setting by checking the box, then Save:





Once enabled, whichever pieces of information exist in your Profile Settings at the time the prospect is created will now populate in the 1003 section. You are all set!




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