Dual AUS Best Practices


Dual AUS includes both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. With Dual AUS, complete more key loan tasks in Floify's easy to access mobile friendly interface. 

Read more about our Dual AUS integrations here: Dual AUS With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac


This article will discuss the best practices for various workflows and configurations available in Floify for this integration








For Best Results

We recommend the following Apply Now settings for the best AUS results and easiest workflow. 

1003 Full View

Enabling the LO 1003 Full View allows LOs to view all datapoints on an application, even if those sections are not available in the borrower facing view. These can be accessed and edited as needed.


To enable 1003 Full View, navigate to Company Settings > Apply Now Settings > Apply Now General Settings > “Enable LO Full View in Apply Now”. For detailed instructions, follow the instructions listed here: Enable LO Full View in Apply Now


Once enabled, you can switch to full view in the 1003 by following these instructions: Switch to the Full View Mode of the Borrower's Application


Gathering Maximum 1003 Data Upfront

To gather as many of the required AUS data points upfront as possible, these optional Apply Now settings should be set as required. These settings are not required, and can be entered later in the process. 

  • Team settings > Apply Now > Apply Now Application Settings
    • Borrower info > Personal Info > SSN
    • Borrower info > Personal Info > DOB
    • Borrower info > Personal Info > Martial Status
    • Borrower info > Personal Info > U.S. Citizenship Status
    • Borrower info > All Address History fields (2 years required) and "Own or Rent?"
    • Borrower info > All of Employment History
    • Borrower info > Declarations
    • Borrower info > Demographics
    • Loan Info > Loan purpose
    • Loan Info > Property address (This does not have to be required as a borrower-facing field, but it is important to add the address in the lender-facing Full View.)
    • Loan Info > Property type (single family, condominium, etc.)
    • Loan Info > Occupancy (primary residence, investment, etc.)
    • Loan Info > Desired loan amount
    • Loan Info > Estimated value (refinance only)
    • Loan Info > Purchase price (purchase only)
    • Loan Info > Down payment amount (purchase only)
    • Loan Info > Reason for refinancing (refinance only)
    • Loan Info > Is this property mixed-use?
    • Loan Info > Do you have other new mortgage loans on this property?
    • Loan Info > Number of units
      • Please note the field “In what state are you looking to use this loan?” is not required, as the question isn’t required by AUS.
    • Every field in the Lender Loan Info section should be checked as well
      • It is important to note that some sections are dependent on others. For instance, if the Loan Purpose is set to Purchase but the LO inputs yes to the question Lender Loan Info > Property & Loan Info > "Is this a refinance?" , it might fail since the two values are conflicting.
      • If you put a value in Lender Loan Info > Proposed Monthly Payment for Property > Association/Project Dues (Condo, Co-Op, PUD) but you haven’t selected an option in Lender Loan Info > Property & Loan Info > "Select the project types that apply", that will fail due to mismatching values.  


Continuing to Edit the 1003 - No LOS Connected or FocusIT/LendingPad Connected

If you do not have an LOS or have an integration with FocusIT/Calyx Point or LendingPad, you can edit the 1003 in Floify, even after submission by your borrower.


It is recommended to turn of the 1003 automatic acceptance upon submission. To do so, navigate to Settings > Apply Now > Apply Now General Settings. In the list of automatically accepted documents, uncheck the Loan Application (1003). The instructions for this can be found here: Enable Automatic Approval of Loan Application Documents


To edit the 1003, you can either do so while it is still in the prospects stage, or you can edit it in the live loan flow stage. To do so, follow the below instructions respectively:


Editing 1003 Data for AUS Results - Encompass, Byte, or MeridianLink Mortgage Connected

If you use integrations with Encompass, Byte, or MeridianLink Mortgage, view and edit all 1003 fields in your LOS before running AUS in Floify. The 1003 data is synced back into Floify in real time for AUS findings.


Other Notes

Additional steps to take for each application include:

  • All values (required or not) need to be reviewed and confirmed in Apply Now Full Viewwhich can be toggled at the top of the application interface, or your LOS (if you use Encompass, Byte, or MeridianLink Mortgage).
  • AUS requires the "Property Attachment Type" to be filled out. This field is only visible to LO teams.
  • By default, unanswered toggle switches, like the ones in "Supplemental Consumer Information"  will automatically set to "No” for your AUS search, so please review that all questions are toggled to the correct answer.
  • Please see these articles for more information on enabling credit integrations in Floify: Credit Integrations.
  • You can find more information on reissuing a credit report here: Reissue a Credit Report.


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